Running Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon for #MyChemoHero

Two months ago today I made a pledge… I pledged and committed to run the Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon for #MyChemoHero Joanna Terrell. 

This was my way of showing my support to Jo, it has been a chance to raise funds for cancer patients and most importantly, this campaign has been an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of self-checking and being familiar with our own bodies. 

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit ambitious when I made my pledge! 🙈 At that point, I hadn’t done any training and I had only managed a single mile run home… mostly downhill! 

However, over the past eight weeks I’ve put the training in and have now clocked up more than 755 minutes worth of training, covering over 80 miles in nearly 30 runs. 

Did you know, the miles I’ve covered for my training equate to the same amount of times that #MyChemoHero has needed to go into hospital?

Since finding a lump in her breast on Christmas Eve 2015, Jo has been into hospital 80 times – that’s at least one visit to Derriford every week for the past 69 weeks. 

Over those weeks, Joanna has had: 

💗 a surgical procedure to remove the lump

🎗four rounds of chemotherapy

💗 18 sessions of radiotherapy 

🎗 18 injections to her leg – one every three weeks

💗 six heart scans

🎗 a fertility procedure to retrieve her eggs and, 

💗 a number of follow up appointments. 

🎗 Even when the injections have stopped, Joanna will have a mammogram every year for the next five years, as well as need to have check ups and follow up appointments.

Jo has shown such incredible strength and amazing positivity throughout her diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Sharing her journey and experience with others, as well as her work with Mark to push the message of the importance of to being body aware, is really helping to raise awareness. I honestly believe this encouragement and awareness raising will save lives. 

I am incredibly proud to be running the half marathon on Sunday on behalf of #MyChemoHero


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